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Ammos Beach, Sapientza_



Distance: 7 km hiking on the island (Ammos), 3 km (Porto Longo),

Technical difficulty: Easy,

Duration: 10:00 to 14:00 (Ammos), 9:00 to 15:00 (Porto Longo),

Total Price: 35 Euro/person (Ammos beach),

Total Price: 60 Euro/person (Porto Longo).

(klick the highlight to see the videos)

This tour is a dive into the history of #Sapientza, now potected by #Natura_2000 ; a dive into naval battles, where many #shipwercks, or the cargo, like #sarcophagy of 2000 y/o, can be seen in the crystal waters sourrounding the island.

Reaching the #Sapientza (klick the highlight to see more on videos) enjoy swimming in idyllic, turqouise blue waters and white sands of the Ammos beach. You'll be welcome by Mouflon (Ovis Gmelini goat) and Kri-Kri (Cretan Ibex goat), wild patridges, and pheasants coming down from rare arbutus forest (estimated to be 10.000 years old vegetation) and Falcons flying above it...

Or from a bay Porto Longo, further more South, where an unbelievable marine life can be found, hike to the stone #lighthouse build in 1885 along the pathway of dense vegetation. While on the lighthouse, infinite blue sea streches before the eyes with turqouise areas surrounding the islands. Your adventure will continue on the island by exploring a #hidden #cave. You will also have a chance to feel the greek hospitality when coming down to the bay our captain will be waiting for you with a meze and plenty of tsipouro! (Porto Longo only) 

To take with you:

  • backpack, lunch, sunscreen, water,​

  • swimsuit, hiking shoes, hat,

  • mask, snorkle, flippers,

  • underwater cam.

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